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Joanna, Carmichael

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the hard work Tom put into selling my house. I gave Tom the listing when it could have not been more difficult to sell for the following reasons:
1) It had already been 8 months on the market and the listing was very stale
2) Tom inherited the listing in late November and early December which is the worst time to sell a house
3) The house had deferred maintenance including the need to replace the roof and carpets which made it show poorly

Many of my neighborhood friends who realized the struggle I was having selling my house suggested I contact Tom to see if he could have more success. From the day I decided to cancel the listing agreement that had gone on unsuccessfully for 8 months and List with Tom, the stress seemed to disappear.
I did not think Tom could have it in contract so quick as it was December and to have it totally closed in January was amazing. I owe Tom a huge thank you as he got me out of one of the hardest times of my life and made it seem so easy.
I would recommend Tom to anyone and will use Tom for everything from here forward.